When we started this project, we initially relied on Google and other search engines to do background research. The sites we needed were most often in lists that appeared endless and hidden among other site that had nothing to do with our search whatsoever. The following list is a list of links that we found most helpful in a list much more navigable than anything we found when we began.

The Comic Book Project
The Comic Book Project engages children in a creative process leading to literacy reinforcement, social awareness, and character development, then publishes and distributes their work for other children in the community to use as learning and motivational tools

New York City Comic Book Museum
The New York City Comic Book Museum is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. Founded in 1999, it has promoted comic book history, preservation, literacy, social issues, and most recently a highly publicized exhibit of comic art in tribute to the heroes of 9-11,

Gloria Lapin's Homepage
Gloria Lapin is an educational consultant and author of the best selling 'Sight Word Stories' series of books. Ms. Lapin has received the honor of Teacher of the Year three times from the DeKalb County School system school system, near Atlanta, GA.

National Association of Comic Art Educators
The National Association of Comic Art Educators is an organization committed to helping facilitate the teaching of comics in higher education.

Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse is one of the smaller, but still very popular comic companies. It is the largest publisher of creator-owned comic books and a partner with the Comic Book Project.

Midtown Comics
New York-based comic store that donates comics to school children through the New York City Comic Book Museum.

Everything I need to know about Journalism I learned from Superman (and other comic books)
Essay by veteran journalist, Tom Henderson, the managing editor of the Polk County Itemizer-Observer in Dallas, Ore., and the essay “Mild Mannered Reporter” columnist for the paper. He is also President of the Society of Professional Journalists Greater Oregon Professional Chapter. He has seen “Superman: The Movie” 812 times and always cries when Krypton explodes.

Heritage Comics
An on-line auction house that specializes in comic books and other collectibles. For the serious collector who wants older comics that are still in excellent condition.

Image Comics
Popular comic publisher.

DC Comics
DC is one of the oldest comics companies, with a continuous publishing history that spans over 60 years.

Marvel is another major comic publisher. Besides comic books, the company also produces films, DVD's and video games.


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